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5 reasons NOT to use CloudLinux

Fighting fires is what you are best at

You are a top notch system administrator who can solve any server problem in 5 minutes – even if woken up in the middle of the night. If server is slow at 3am, your trusted monitoring system will send an SMS that will wake you up, and the server will be fast again by 3:05am. Thi

s will give you bragging rights and admiration of your superiors – and you don’t want CloudLinux to take away that.

Great stability

Never underestimate the importance of stability in shared hosting
because it’s the main key to success in the field. If you have a stable environment on your server, you could increase density, magnify your profit, and reduce churn. Stability makes both hosters and users feel happy.

That’s why all of the CloudLinux innovations are aimed at improving stability. Stability was a main reason for creating

 LVE and MySQL Governor—to restrict the resource spikes and make your servers rock solid stable even in the most stressful situations.

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