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Cartika Increases Server Density By 5X

The Challenge

With state-of-the-art web hosting facilities and intricate knowledge in several best-ofbreed open source and commercial applications, Cartika Inc. specializes in clustered hosting solutions for all business types and sizes. Founded in Toronto in 2002, Cartika has established itself as a leader in application hosting and advanced technologies offering shared hosting, Virtual Private Servers, dedicated servers, and high-availability clustered
web hosting solutions.

Consistently at the forefront of innovation, Cartika recently launched CartikaCloud, a new premium, elastic and resilient cloud hosting service; its scalable and on-demand capacity delivers self-healing infrastructure, 360-degree scalability, optional load balancing architecture and redundant Cloud Storage solutions. 'We are always striving to deliver the newest technology to customers and hosting providers, so they can be more efficient,
streamlined, as well as more cost effective,' stated Andrew Rouchotas, CEO and Founder of Cartika.

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